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Billionaire Boy – David Walliams

In year 6 we have an author of the month and this month it was David Walliams and the book is Billionaire Boy. And this is the blurb: Meet Joe Spud the richest 12-year-old boy in the world, Joe has everything he could ever want he has his own Formula one racing car a thousand pairs of trainers even an orang-Utah for a butler!: We love our class books and enjoy reeding them. I will inform you when it changes. I thought it was brilliant but I asked Aimee if she liked it and why? This is her response.
“It’s really really funny because the characters has expression that makes it fascinating”
Matthew said:
“It’s absolutely hilarious because it put a smile on my face when I was feeling down and I would read it 1000 times!”



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Experimenting with Periscopes.

Hello! Year 6 have been making periscopes and experimenting today. We have learned that light travels in straight lines, and to prove this we made our own periscopes. We learnt that periscopes were very important to the British army in World War 1 so that soldiers could see the enemy from the trenches, and that they are used in submarines.

Our teacher asked us to research all about periscopes for our homework, and today we were given a cereal box, 2 mirrors and some sticking tape. It was up to us to work out the best design, and the first periscope was ready in about 40 minutes, and it really worked!

For our next task we will be writing up our instructions and we will post them here for you to try to make one yourself.



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Welcome all!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Year 6 blog brought to you from Maindee Primary School. You find us at the beginning of our journey into the blogosphere and we all hope that this will be a very exciting ride!
We hope to keep you up to date with the busy learning environment we share and in particular our interesting and enlightening views on everything such as our favourite authors, the hot topic on our “think wall”, how to build a periscope, as well as how our class pets George and Mildred are settling in to their new home (more on them later!).
So, I hope you will enjoy reading all about our learning journey and please share your thoughts with us too.