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Contrasting similes

Today We looked at a poem that was written by Ted Hughes and it was called the Warm and the Cold.

In the poem there are contrasting similes like

Freezing dusk is closing like a slow trap of steel.

And the badger in its bedding like a loaf in the oven.


We were writing a class poem called the Five Woes of Winter. We have been writing contrasting similes. then we have been using them in poems here are some of the poems that we have written:

The second woe of winter is the storm of silver snow like a snow volcano erupting and shooting ice balls
but I am sitting in front of the blazing fire drinking delicious hot chocolate
like having a hot chocolate shower in front of two heater.
BY Daniaal Ali

The second woe of winter is the shimmering white snow,like someone pouring freezing milk on you, but i am warm and cosy by the gorgeous red roaring fire,
like I have the sun right by my side.
by shamima aktar.

The first woe of winter is the unforgiving snow dune swallowing any trespassers whole,
With its slow sink holes.
Like a beast with a taste for blood,
But I am safe in my cosy cabin siting on my bed
Like a bear in its deep warm cave.
By Dewi

The fourth woe of winter is the terrible trees
Like a human skeleton isolated in a snow storm
But I am cosy, calm, and comfortable
Like a wealthy family eating warm Christmas puddings.
By Monica

Written by Shamina


The distance of the planets from the Sun

Hi, Mrs Marshall-Reddy and Jamie here

We’ve had a fun afternoon learning about the distance of the planets from the sun. Jamie wants to tell you what we did – so I’m typing while he’s busy working on his diagram below:


So Jamie, what did we do?

“First we had to work out the order of the planets from a table. Then we looked at the different distances from the sun. We looked at mercury and measured it as 36cm on the board”.

Mercury is actually 36m miles from the sun – but this is our scaled drawing!


What happened then Jamie?

“Then we measured how far Neptune is from the sun. It was all the way across the Maindee playground!”

(We worked out using maths that Neptune would need to be 36 metres away as its actually 3600 million miles from the sun – Jamie and Daniel show us how far away it was according to our scale!)


Can you see them? They were quite cold!!

This is Jamie’s finished diagram


And this is Numair’s


(I couldn’t resist showing them the relative sizes too – there were a lot of gasps and amazed faces when they saw this)


We had great fun. Tomorrow we’ll share our Mnemonics for remembering the order – watch this space!


Getting dirty planting trees

Today we have been planting trees for our forest school we have planted roses and horthorn and a couple more types. We were also were given a special royal oak tree that was planted right in the middle of the forest school. We Were planting them with Miss Jones and all our friends in yr 6SP. The plastic tubes are for protecting the trees .Our deputy head Mr Smith and our school caretaker Mr Nash he is very help full and knows all about planting trees. We got dirty and messy but it was really fun.
By Alana and Anika please comment.






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Autumn similes

Hello! Today we have been poets because we have done similes which was very fun. Our task was to describe a autumn fruit and nuts also we used the 5 senses and they are taste,sound,touch,sight and smell.
We also learnt you can’t squish a squash.
Tomorrow we will be writing our own poems and they are going to be better then Ted Hughes poems!! We hope.
Its not going to be a normal poem we are going to do it about the seven splendour of autumn.We had fun because we’re thinking of funny things for the look like, Daniaal said that a squash looks like a edible spoon which was really funny,because inside a squash it really look like a spoon and its made out of squash so it’s a edible spoon get it.Vaneeza (thats one of us who’s blogging) found it a little bit challenging because some of them don’t make sound and some of them we didn’t ever taste.Fathima (that’s the writer) was really enjoying the task and I joked a little which was hilarious.
At first we watched a little clip about autumn and while it happened we listened to Vivaldi four seasons.
Vivaldis Four Seasons Autumn

Vaneeza wrote for squash,
“it looks like a bright shiny light bulb” and for sounds like banging drum also or feels like she did a smooth baby’s bottom also smells like she did horrible because when you smell the seed part for a long time it stinks. For taste she did bitter and sour.
Fathima also did squash and bread, for her squash she did it looks like a cuckoo clock,a light bulb and a house. For sound she did a bongo drum,cymbals,bass drum and rustling leaves.For feel she did it feels like a waterfall because one side is bumpy so that’s the rocky part and the other side is smooth and that’s the water, chewed chewing gum because the seeds feel squishy.Then for her smell she did a new air fresher,scented candle,a new perfume,the seeds smell like rotten garbage

By Vaneeza and Fathima



The polar express

Today I read a short story of the polar express it is great. It’s fun to read because its a short version of the film. It’s all about a boy that doesn’t believe in Santa clause but then he goes on an adventure on the polar express. He sees Santa clause and he gives him a bell and the bell only rings if you believe in him he losses the precious bell and on Christmas Day he finds a box with the bell in so he starts believing again. When everyone in his family grew up they all stop believing in Santa clause except the boy that actually saw him. The book was wrote by Chris Van. Allsburg the same person illustration all the amazing pictures. I think he is amazing because he did the whole book the pictures and the writing.the polar express story

By Alana



Our welsh today year 6

Today we learnt how to use Welsh word starters pwy? -who? beth? what? pryd? when? and things for my, like fy cath I and dy cath di, the first one means in English my cat and the second one means your cat. Someone said that it is like headphones fy and I is together but there is a noun in the middle of them. We have been learning about Harri Morgan in welsh and today we have been thinking of questions to do hot seating next week, these are some of our ideas ” pwy ydy e? Our answer to that was harri Morgan ydy e . The picture is the ex staple of the headphone.





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A child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas

A child’s Christmas in Wales is all about a young boys Christmas. The author,Dylan Thomas used words in the book to make it more interesting. He used similes to compare it something to else and describing words “like wind cherried noses” to show how cold it was outside. The illustration are amazing and well thought of. He put lots of effort into this book. Dylan Thomas is a poet but he also writes books. We think that he is amazing because of all his talents. You can listen to this on YouTube by typing in A Childs Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, please search this on YouTube it is an outstanding Christmas tale.

A child’s Christmas in Wales

By Ruby Hawkins and Alana Ratcliffe year 6. please comment .




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Our community quilt project – sewing circle.

Recently we have been designing our community quilts.
Today we sat in a circle instead of sitting on our tables to express our feelings and to wonder what it will be like to live on our own. We had to get different ideas in and share it with everyone. We were looking at different materials and different fabrics. We had to think about the texture, descriptive adjectives for it and we really had FUN!
Once we have chosen our bit of material we stuck it in our books and wrote descriptive words around it. We talked to some pupils and asked them what they have learned today. This is what they said;





This is what year 6 thought.

Anika – I have learnt that there are many different types of material.

Rayhan – material can be different, size and colour and different weights.

Khalesah – I have learnt that you can print onto fabric and there are lots of different fabrics.

Adnan – I have learnt to use different names for fabrics and so many different pieces of material.

Muzamil – materials can be rough and smooth.

By Matthew and Rizwan

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Planets for sale

Today we have done science and we had a homework about planets. And we have been drawing all sorts of planets,mars,earth,Jupiter,Venus ,Saturn. I hope you like our drawings and hope you would like to buy our planets!

By Numair and Eray







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Maths warm-up!

Mrs Preece came to visit us and we learned how to work with a bead string. She also gave us a
Number to work out on the bead string. We had lots of fun during maths and she gave us hard

Have a look at our bead string. How many beads can you count?
How many beads are there left?

By tonijs and Umair