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A look in to Scrooge’s diary!

on December 21, 2012

Hello my name is Dewi and I have written a diary entry as if I was EbenezerScrooge and here it is

Dear diary Bah humbug!!!!! Humbug to Christmas humbug to charity humbug to all things poor enough to get my money and well earned wages and not in exchange receive the work and toil of the workhouse humbug!!!!!!! They expect to get my well earned wages and food just to sustain their lives for one stinking day,and that ungrateful clerk Bob Chratchet he expects two Two!!!lumps of coal and a day off A DAY OFF!!! In my day if you couldn’t pay up it was jail and death for you. So when two lokle men came in asking for my wages I stated my reply”let them die and decrease the current population” of course regret it now……less peasants mean less tax for me to collect! Ha ha haha. I hate Christmas for one reason and one reason only, everyone is merry but they give without reason and expect others to do their work and follow them in what I call madness.
Why only this morning my nephew came forth and uttered “come uncle follow me in merriment and enjoy a spot of Christmas dinner with the famille”of corse I replied”let me have Christmas in my way and let you have it in yours.”I was walking home one fogy Christmas Eve and my partner(the late Jacob Marley)head appeared in the place of my door nob,it startled me and I fled in through the door way.Later that night as the bell yonder struck twelve I herd a series of deep hollow footsteps as if someone was striking a drum.then I saw like a beast rising from the deep Marley’s tall strong profile confronted me as a lion confronts its prey before partner stood in the doorway as he stated that during the night three spectars shall come and make me repent my ways.I did not reply as I was in a state of shock.I expect I will get a bigger one later though.

Ebeneezer Scrooge.



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