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A look in to Scrooge’s diary!

Hello my name is Dewi and I have written a diary entry as if I was EbenezerScrooge and here it is

Dear diary Bah humbug!!!!! Humbug to Christmas humbug to charity humbug to all things poor enough to get my money and well earned wages and not in exchange receive the work and toil of the workhouse humbug!!!!!!! They expect to get my well earned wages and food just to sustain their lives for one stinking day,and that ungrateful clerk Bob Chratchet he expects two Two!!!lumps of coal and a day off A DAY OFF!!! In my day if you couldn’t pay up it was jail and death for you. So when two lokle men came in asking for my wages I stated my reply”let them die and decrease the current population” of course regret it now……less peasants mean less tax for me to collect! Ha ha haha. I hate Christmas for one reason and one reason only, everyone is merry but they give without reason and expect others to do their work and follow them in what I call madness.
Why only this morning my nephew came forth and uttered “come uncle follow me in merriment and enjoy a spot of Christmas dinner with the famille”of corse I replied”let me have Christmas in my way and let you have it in yours.”I was walking home one fogy Christmas Eve and my partner(the late Jacob Marley)head appeared in the place of my door nob,it startled me and I fled in through the door way.Later that night as the bell yonder struck twelve I herd a series of deep hollow footsteps as if someone was striking a drum.then I saw like a beast rising from the deep Marley’s tall strong profile confronted me as a lion confronts its prey before partner stood in the doorway as he stated that during the night three spectars shall come and make me repent my ways.I did not reply as I was in a state of shock.I expect I will get a bigger one later though.

Ebeneezer Scrooge.


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A Scrooge visit!

Today we listened to the first two instalments of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Then we had a visit from Ebenezer Scrooge!
We asked him some questions like

When did you start hating Christmas?
Why do you hate kids?
How strong was your relationship with Marley?
What feelings did you feel when you heard the ghost of Marley?
Why do you always say humbug?
What is the worst thing you ever did?
Did you have a happy life before you had a dark life?
Why did you choose to be a money-collector?
Why didn’t you take Marley’s name off the board?
Do you really think money is more important than Christmas?
Was Marley your only friend?
Do you ever see your family?
How many times have you thought of Marley after his death?

We thought of some words to describe Scrooge like,
cold hearted
Frozen minded
Icy breath

Scrooge had many objects with him in his trunk – his clock which had stopped, his book of money collecting, and a scary picture of Marley’s ghost!


This afternoon we watched the film A Christmas carol it was funny scary and the moral of the story was not to be nasty to others and not to hate Christmas.
We thought Ruby would make a great Scrooge so when he wasn’t around we dressed her up!

By Khalesah, ruby, Alana, lauren.


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Acceptance pie

We did a Benjamin Zephaniah poem about peace and harmony the poem was called the british,and it was written like a recipe.

We made a whole class poem in the last 5 minuets of our lessen it was AMAZING

Include religions and mix them to make a sweet taste.
Prepare them some care and power,
sieve carefully a 100g of friendship.
Mix carefully and add a handful of respect for living harmony.
Combine thoughtfully with a bowl of acceptance.
Blend some respect with a dash of honour,
prepare some loving kindness and a handful of belief and care
add all the kindness and respect to the harmony bowl,
carefully pour into the friendship bowl.
Stir the relationship and give a handful of acceptance.

Lauren and Alana


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This is our poem:-

Thank you for the rollies that crunch
Thank you for the ludoos I munch
Thank you for the drinks I slurp
I will make sure I won’t burp,
Thank you for the prayers I sing
Thank you lord for everything

This poem was written by Khalesah, Monica, naeema, vaneeza, and Fathima.
We wrote this poem by our selfs and we me a beat to go with it. Here is the beat:-

Knees or drums-1
Smooth claps-2

By khalesah and Vaneeza.

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For words

Thank you for the words I read
Thank you for the words I need
Thank you for the words so great
Thanks for words that raise debate,
Thanks for words on my bookshelf
Thanks for the words I make myself
Thank you for words that make me cry
And words that leave me feeling dry.

Thanks for words that do inspire
And those words that burn like fire
Thanks for all the words I note
Thanks for all the words I quote,
I thank you for the words like me
Thanks for words that set me free
And I thank you for words like you
I always need a word or two

Thanks for words that make things plain
And words that help me to explain
Thanks for words that make life fun
And words that help overcome,
Thanks for words that make me rap
Thanks for words that make me clap
Thanks for words that make me smile
Thanks for words with grace and style

Thanks for all those words that sing
Thanks for words for everything
Thanks for all the words like this
And little sloppy words like kiss,
Thanks for words like hip-hooray
And those cool words I like to say
Thanks for words that reach and touch
Thank you very, very much

This poem is by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Parts of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetic life:-

Benjamin Zephaniah is a poet. Sometimes he takes small ideas and turns them into big poems, and sometimes he takes big ideas and turns them into a small poem. He is good friends with Nelson Mandela, also other famous people.
By khalesah and Anika y


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Contrasting similes

Today We looked at a poem that was written by Ted Hughes and it was called the Warm and the Cold.

In the poem there are contrasting similes like

Freezing dusk is closing like a slow trap of steel.

And the badger in its bedding like a loaf in the oven.


We were writing a class poem called the Five Woes of Winter. We have been writing contrasting similes. then we have been using them in poems here are some of the poems that we have written:

The second woe of winter is the storm of silver snow like a snow volcano erupting and shooting ice balls
but I am sitting in front of the blazing fire drinking delicious hot chocolate
like having a hot chocolate shower in front of two heater.
BY Daniaal Ali

The second woe of winter is the shimmering white snow,like someone pouring freezing milk on you, but i am warm and cosy by the gorgeous red roaring fire,
like I have the sun right by my side.
by shamima aktar.

The first woe of winter is the unforgiving snow dune swallowing any trespassers whole,
With its slow sink holes.
Like a beast with a taste for blood,
But I am safe in my cosy cabin siting on my bed
Like a bear in its deep warm cave.
By Dewi

The fourth woe of winter is the terrible trees
Like a human skeleton isolated in a snow storm
But I am cosy, calm, and comfortable
Like a wealthy family eating warm Christmas puddings.
By Monica

Written by Shamina


Autumn similes

Hello! Today we have been poets because we have done similes which was very fun. Our task was to describe a autumn fruit and nuts also we used the 5 senses and they are taste,sound,touch,sight and smell.
We also learnt you can’t squish a squash.
Tomorrow we will be writing our own poems and they are going to be better then Ted Hughes poems!! We hope.
Its not going to be a normal poem we are going to do it about the seven splendour of autumn.We had fun because we’re thinking of funny things for the look like, Daniaal said that a squash looks like a edible spoon which was really funny,because inside a squash it really look like a spoon and its made out of squash so it’s a edible spoon get it.Vaneeza (thats one of us who’s blogging) found it a little bit challenging because some of them don’t make sound and some of them we didn’t ever taste.Fathima (that’s the writer) was really enjoying the task and I joked a little which was hilarious.
At first we watched a little clip about autumn and while it happened we listened to Vivaldi four seasons.
Vivaldis Four Seasons Autumn

Vaneeza wrote for squash,
“it looks like a bright shiny light bulb” and for sounds like banging drum also or feels like she did a smooth baby’s bottom also smells like she did horrible because when you smell the seed part for a long time it stinks. For taste she did bitter and sour.
Fathima also did squash and bread, for her squash she did it looks like a cuckoo clock,a light bulb and a house. For sound she did a bongo drum,cymbals,bass drum and rustling leaves.For feel she did it feels like a waterfall because one side is bumpy so that’s the rocky part and the other side is smooth and that’s the water, chewed chewing gum because the seeds feel squishy.Then for her smell she did a new air fresher,scented candle,a new perfume,the seeds smell like rotten garbage

By Vaneeza and Fathima



The polar express

Today I read a short story of the polar express it is great. It’s fun to read because its a short version of the film. It’s all about a boy that doesn’t believe in Santa clause but then he goes on an adventure on the polar express. He sees Santa clause and he gives him a bell and the bell only rings if you believe in him he losses the precious bell and on Christmas Day he finds a box with the bell in so he starts believing again. When everyone in his family grew up they all stop believing in Santa clause except the boy that actually saw him. The book was wrote by Chris Van. Allsburg the same person illustration all the amazing pictures. I think he is amazing because he did the whole book the pictures and the writing.the polar express story

By Alana



A child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas

A child’s Christmas in Wales is all about a young boys Christmas. The author,Dylan Thomas used words in the book to make it more interesting. He used similes to compare it something to else and describing words “like wind cherried noses” to show how cold it was outside. The illustration are amazing and well thought of. He put lots of effort into this book. Dylan Thomas is a poet but he also writes books. We think that he is amazing because of all his talents. You can listen to this on YouTube by typing in A Childs Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, please search this on YouTube it is an outstanding Christmas tale.

A child’s Christmas in Wales

By Ruby Hawkins and Alana Ratcliffe year 6. please comment .




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Treasure by Chelsea Bartlett

We watched the film Treasure and we talked about what we saw. This is what we wrote or said about the short film Treasure

The old lady is in the junkyard because she does not have a very rich home or her family might of died. I think she was travelling to another country and she got lost and couldnt find her way home.
At the end she feels happy because she had lots of light in her home.

At the end she’s proberly feeling happy because she found something to do in her life and she found valuble dimond ring.

The old lady comes from a happy family and then they died in a war and I think she didn’t die and she had no money after so she became homeless.

Simon and Dominick
Pmotože ta babičk stratila bit a ta babička šla na smetîsko a jeji mandižel umriel a tetke bidley v chati a jednu sla do auta a nasla tam knasni pristin a udelala si struti moe krasni a bila štasna uplni moe.
( because grandma lost her flat and that grandma went to junkyard and her husband died and now she lives in little tiny house and once she went to car and she found beautiful ring and she made her place where she lives very pretty and she was totally very happy)

The old lady is in the junkyard because she like stuff that are shiny and she doesn’t have family.

At the end she is happy because she has something that is treasure to her and junk to us.

I think in the beginning she feels poor left out alone sad wants to be with someone. She feels very happy and makes her tent a and herself warm and very comfortable and special.

She is in the junkyard because she is collecting stuff that are nice so her tent is nice and lightful.

She is collecting things to make her house pretty.

The old lady comes from a happy family and then they died.

Maybe the old lady is an orphan.

The old lady collect a lot of things because she does not have money to buy things.

The lady is collecting things because she could make her tent a home.

The old lady come from Argentina because it has lots of poor people.

She hasn’t come from a nice house and she can’t spend lots of money on nice things.

She having a happy Christmas.

This old woman is homeless and lives in the junkyard. Everything she picks up is valuable to her and keeps for shelter.

What did you think?

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