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A dead hedgehog

Yesterday we found a dead hedgehog lying in the peace garden so we thought it would be interesting to examine it a bit closer. We found a skull,the ribs,and parts of the spine,and the legs,and the lower jaws.We found it lying with its skin and its skull hanging out at the top.The brain decomposed and now there’s hardly anything there now.It probably died of old age or maybe got caught in a sharp bush.from Alana and Lauren and Matthew.






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The distance of the planets from the Sun

Hi, Mrs Marshall-Reddy and Jamie here

We’ve had a fun afternoon learning about the distance of the planets from the sun. Jamie wants to tell you what we did – so I’m typing while he’s busy working on his diagram below:


So Jamie, what did we do?

“First we had to work out the order of the planets from a table. Then we looked at the different distances from the sun. We looked at mercury and measured it as 36cm on the board”.

Mercury is actually 36m miles from the sun – but this is our scaled drawing!


What happened then Jamie?

“Then we measured how far Neptune is from the sun. It was all the way across the Maindee playground!”

(We worked out using maths that Neptune would need to be 36 metres away as its actually 3600 million miles from the sun – Jamie and Daniel show us how far away it was according to our scale!)


Can you see them? They were quite cold!!

This is Jamie’s finished diagram


And this is Numair’s


(I couldn’t resist showing them the relative sizes too – there were a lot of gasps and amazed faces when they saw this)


We had great fun. Tomorrow we’ll share our Mnemonics for remembering the order – watch this space!


Planets for sale

Today we have done science and we had a homework about planets. And we have been drawing all sorts of planets,mars,earth,Jupiter,Venus ,Saturn. I hope you like our drawings and hope you would like to buy our planets!

By Numair and Eray







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Experimenting with Periscopes.

Hello! Year 6 have been making periscopes and experimenting today. We have learned that light travels in straight lines, and to prove this we made our own periscopes. We learnt that periscopes were very important to the British army in World War 1 so that soldiers could see the enemy from the trenches, and that they are used in submarines.

Our teacher asked us to research all about periscopes for our homework, and today we were given a cereal box, 2 mirrors and some sticking tape. It was up to us to work out the best design, and the first periscope was ready in about 40 minutes, and it really worked!

For our next task we will be writing up our instructions and we will post them here for you to try to make one yourself.



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